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where we worship

There is almost no place where the enduring sacred/secular dichotomy is more clear than in our answer to this question: Where do we worship?

If you ask adherents to almost any religion where they worship, it’s likely that their answer will reveal internalized assumptions about what their deity values. Naturalists, for example, might say the transcendence of worship happens in unadulterated nature. Many adherents to eastern religions, like Hinduism, might declare that worship happens in the presence of the gods at a shrine.

But what about Christians?

For many, the “where” of worship is revealed in the name we give Sunday morning gatherings. In our emails, conversations, and texts, we inadvertently communicate our theology. We say, “I’ll see you at worship this Sunday,” or, “Will you be attending the 9am worship service?”

Why do we call our gatherings “worship”? Because that is the only place where many believe worship happens.

The problem is that this perception doesn’t fit the biblical story. Instead, Scripture reveals we worship the true God wherever we are, in whatever we do (Colossians 3:17, 23-24). Worship is not limited to certain spaces or to certain days. It encompasses the entirety of our lives.

Our omnipresent God is at work through our various vocations and workplaces, bringing glory to His name as He pursues the common good of our communities. This means our diligent, God-honoring work in those various roles is also our worship.

What does it look like? It looks like this…

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