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Private Page – Community Groups Only

This page is designed as a resource page for Community Groups at Christ Community for use in the six-week session: The Life We Long to Live – The Church.  You can access the video from each session below for viewing in your group, or in the event that a group member misses a session.

These videos are designed to be utilized with the companion workbook and in conversation in a community group setting.

Download a PDF of the workbook :


We have provided this private web address for the purpose of resourcing community groups at Christ Community. We are exploring other distribution methods outside of our church and would ask that you not pass along this web address. Thank you!


No matter who we are or how far along we are in our faith journeys, we can all sense that there is a gap between the life we long to live and the life we actually do live. We long to close the gap, yet even our best efforts fall well short of the life we sense we were designed for. The church is the place where we gather and grow. Together. In all its messiness. The church is a gift to be cherished.

Session 01 – The Family of God

Our first session introduces the idea that God wants His church to be a family, a really BIG family. Over the next six sessions, we are going to peer into the inner workings of the first-century church in Ephesus: who they were and how they understood this new “family,” why they gathered, and what they did. Then we’ll talk about what this all means for us, today.

LENGTH: 11:30 | Tom Nelson, Nathan Miller, Mark Askins

Session 02 – The Body of Christ

What is the church, what is its purpose, and why should we bother?

LENGTH: 10:00 
| Tom Nelson, Nathan Miller, Reid Kapple

Session 03 – A Reconciling People

Church is not a perfect place. It never has been. In this session we talk a little about the history of the church and the ultimate hope of the church. Even in its imperfect form, God continues to build His church and invites us to embrace the messiness.

LENGTH: 11:48 
| Tom Nelson, Nathan Miller, Gabe Coyle

Session 04 – The Dwelling Place of God

Where is church? What is the importance of regular Sunday morning attendance? And why should we make it a priority to show up? In this session we talk about what the gathered church does for us and for our community.

LENGTH: 12:49  | Tom Nelson, Nathan Miller, Bill Gorman

Session 05 – Where We Grow

Called to oneness, service, and fullness. The church is the place we grow. Together.

LENGTH: 10:43  | Tom Nelson, Nathan Miller, Andrew Jones

Session 06 – A Sent, Praying People

We are in a fight that is not of this world. We are called to love our enemies, but we are not left to go it alone. And we are not left without weapons.

LENGTH: 11:04  | Tom Nelson, Nathan Miller, Tim Spanburg

We are so thankful for your participation in our community groups! Please do not hesitate to email a pastor at your campus or call the church office at 913.685.1161 with questions.

Brookside Campus: Paul Brandes (paulb@christcommunitykc.org)
Downtown Campus: Tyler Chernesky (tylerc@christcommunitykc.org)
Leawood Campus: Andrew Jones (andrewj@christcommunitykc.org)
Olathe Campus: Patrick Largen (patrickl@christcommunitykc.org)
Shawnee Campus: Andrew Campbell (andrewc@christcommunitykc.org)

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