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the cross

Private Page – Community Groups Only

This page is designed as a resource page for Community Groups at Christ Community for use in the six-week session: The Life We Long to Live – The Cross.  You can access the video from each session below for viewing in your group, or in the event that a group member misses a session.

These videos are designed to be utilized with the companion workbook and in conversation in a community group setting.

Download a PDF of the workbook :


We have provided this private web address for the purpose of resourcing community groups at Christ Community. We are exploring other distribution methods outside of our church and would ask that you not pass along this web address. Thank you!


Session 1 – The Rescue

We are not what we should be. There is a gap between the life we live and the life we are meant for. Perhaps we feel this way because we sense we could have done more in our vocation, seen more fruit from our labor, or earned another promotion. Maybe we feel this way while raising our children, with a persistent guilt that we could be doing more. Maybe we see the love, generosity, or humility of others and wonder why we cannot be more like them. Whatever the reason, all of us sense we are not what we should be. However, there is severe disagreement over what we should do with these feelings of guilt. What should we do with our guilt, our shame? Where do we take it? How can we be relieved of it?

LENGTH: 08:02

Session 2 – The Incarnation

Every human being knows what it is to feel isolated or alone. This feeling comes out in many ways, perhaps by a sense of failure: “I’ll never be able to do this…why can’t I just do this the right way?” Or it shows itself in misunderstanding: “No one will ever truly know me…why do others not understand me?” Or this feeling is evident in our loneliness: “I just don’t fit in… why is it so hard for me to make friends?” Other times this feeling happens when we endure a unique period of suffering, conflict, or temptation. While others try to encourage us, their words betray their misunderstanding, and even though others reach out to us, our isolation only deepens. What good news is there for this experience? Where is the cure for our isolation and loneliness?

LENGTH: 07:46

Session 3 – The Crucifixion

Today, the cross is the single greatest visual symbol of Christianity, but that was not the case for the earliest Christians. Why did the biggest object of shame and disgrace become the visual marker of identity for Christians? Because the cross gives the Christian a new identity. The cross is the central reality of who a Christian is.

LENGTH: 08:51

Session 4 – The Resurrection

No one thinks “goodbye” should be our last word. Even though human beings have been dying for centuries, death still feels like an intruder. We may be well acquainted with death, but it remains the most painful reality we experience. So it is worth asking the question, Why? Why does death still sting? Why have we still not come to terms with our mortality?

LENGTH: 10:03

Session 5 – New Life

To long for a fresh start is to be human. If we live long enough, at some point we will want a clean slate. Maybe it’s a strained relationship, a job we wish we could begin again, or words we wish we had never said. We all have had moments we wish to have back. New life. That is at the heart of what the cross offers us. What exactly does that mean? How does the cross give us new life?

LENGTH: 07:48

Session 6 – Kingdom

The kingdom of God is at hand. While the cross is the central work of Christ, Jesus did not come only to announce that forgiveness of sins is now possible. He did not just say that we are able to be near to God once again or that death no longer had the last word. Jesus declared that a kingdom was breaking into our world, a kingdom with new priorities and different values than the kinds of kingdoms this world has produced. This is a kingdom with a better King who will make all things new.

LENGTH: 09:19

We are so thankful for your participation in our community groups! Please do not hesitate to email a pastor at your campus or call the church office at 913.685.1161 with questions.

Brookside Campus: Bill Gorman (paulb@christcommunitykc.org)
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