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There is nothing like real world experience to take an academic education and breathe life and street smarts into it. And there’s nothing like a well-educated and youthful staff member to breathe life and new insights into a local church ministry. The Residents program provides both. It will benefit your church and it will benefit the kingdom far into the future. That’s a deal that’s hard to beat!

The Pastoral Residency at Christ Community brings together the best of both the seminary education and the local church experience in preparing future church leaders. I know of no better program of church leadership training today.

Learning how to do ministry in an affirming, grace-based setting is a tremendous blessing. Christ Community Church, through its Residency program, provides such a setting for recent seminary graduates.

The best apprenticeship programs not only model Christian work in the context of a local church, but build godly, tough-minded, and nurturing relationships between the church and the apprentices. The two years apprentices invest in Christ Community puts them five years ahead of those without similar hands-on training, and builds links that will last through this life and on into eternity.

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