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Jesus often spoke in ways that purposefully confounded crowds and left some people walking away confused. Jesus spoke in riddles and stories, and in these teachings, there was always a twist. A reversal. In other words, something that makes us want to lean in desiring to know more, or to get up and walk away. Most of all, Jesus’ parables are a window… a window into the upside-down, paradoxical kingdom of God.

Join us this summer as we explore Jesus’ brilliant stories and as we seek out His kingdom revealed to us in their midst

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Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters are one way we at Christ Community seek to dig deeper into the current sermon and biblical text. They are available during community group sessions.

To locate Conversation Starters go to your Weekly Update emails, delivered to your personal email every Saturday morning. They will always contain a link to Sermon Notes, and Conversation Starters (when available).

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