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reading plan

Open Here is a church-wide pursuit to start or strengthen the spiritual habit of daily Bible reading.  The purpose is not about content or quantity (though those are important), but to form a spiritual habit.

There are a variety of ways you can receive the reading plan.

video library

RightNow Media is an incredible video resource we believe will help us all as we seek to be a caring family of multiplying disciples.

Everyone in our Christ Community family receives a free account to the RightNow Media library, the Netflix of Christian content. You will have instant access to thousands of great videos for kids, youth, parents, and more. You can view these videos from your phone, tablet or computer, and you can also view them in a group setting through a TV or projector. Check out this video to learn more about RightNow…

position papers

Exploring God's Design
for Human Sexuality

In an effort to help us as we journey through the book of 1 Corinthians together, our pastoral team has worked diligently to create a resource on human sexuality called Exploring God’s Design for Human Sexuality. Our hope is that this document is helpful to us all as we seek to understand God’s design for human sexuality, and how we are to respond to the brokenness around us, and within us.

Exploring God's Design for the
Role of Women in the Church

Over the past 30 years, few issues have held center stage in evangelical debates more than gender roles in the church, particularly with the emergence of Evangelical Feminism in the 1970s. The dispute over gender roles is an issue that every church must thoughtfully navigate with much prayer and Biblical inquiry, and this paper reflects the attempt of our church to do just that.


Work. For some this word represents drudgery and the mundane. For others work is an idol to be served. In either case, a biblical understanding of work as godly activity and a means of spiritual formation is lost.

Striking a balance between theological depth and practical counsel, Work Matters engages the theological basis of God’s plan for everyday work. Tom Nelson explains how the fall has impacted vocation, how God’s redemption touches every sphere of our lives including our work, and how what we do now is connected to what we will do forever. As Nelson connects Sunday worship to Monday morning, he gives readers practical tools for understanding their own gifts, so that they may better live in accord with God’s design for work.

What does the good news of Jesus mean for economics? Too often, Christian teaching and ministry have focused only on the gospel’s spiritual significance and ignored its physical, real-world ramifications.
But loving our neighbor well has direct economic implications, and in our diverse and stratified society we need to grapple with them now more than ever. In The Economics of Neighborly Love Tom Nelson sets out to address this problem. Marrying biblical study, economic theory, and practical advice, he presents a vision for church ministry that works toward the flourishing of the local community, beginning with its poorest and most marginalized members. Nelson resists oversimplification and pushes us toward more complex and nuanced understandings of wealth and poverty. If we confess the gospel of Jesus, he insists, we must contend anew with its implications for the well-being of our local communities. Together we can grow in both compassion and capacity.

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