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why outreach?

God sends His church to be a faithful and fruitful presence throughout the world, seeking the salvation of the lost and common good of all.

outreach teams

Each campus has an Outreach Team whose primary role is to steward the various ministry partnerships of their campus. In addition to that role, the Outreach Team works to accomplish the following objectives at their respective campus:

  • Cultivate a love within the congregation for all peoples.
  • Mobilize the congregation to share the gospel in word and deed.
  • Leverage the collective resources, gifts, and vocational skills of the congregation for our neighborhood, city and world.


  • We value the local church and desire to see her flourish.
  • We value gospel proclamation that addresses individual and systemic brokenness.
  • We value long-term mutual relationships with partnering organizations and leaders.
  • We value asset-based community development that leverages the resources of marginalized voices and the vulnerable.
  • We value collaborative efforts that do not compete with but enhance other gospel-driven initiatives.
  • We value campus ownership of partnerships in determining their own strategic areas of focus.

& initiatives

At each campus, we seek to reach out to our neighbors, city, and world by developing partnerships and initiatives. Partnerships are long-term, mutual relationships with organizations who align with our values, where we work together in one of our strategic areas of focus. Initiatives are short-term or long-term projects we engage in for strategic purposes, and can be done with or without outside organizations.

Choose a campus below to read about our partners:

how to get involved

Our outreach teams are comprised of a staff lead from each campus. Together, we cultivate strategic local and global partnerships and consider the unique needs and opportunities for outreach in each of our campus neighborhoods and beyond. We’d love to hear from you with questions, ideas, and input about how God’s at work in our city! Visit the campus outreach pages for more details on partners and how you can get involved.

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