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We gather together people of all ages every Sunday morning to worship God through singing, praying, and teaching of the Bible. Our goal is to thoughtfully and beautifully celebrate with one another who God is and what He has done. It’s a time of celebration, encouragement, as well as challenge and reflection. 


The Olathe Campus is a dynamic congregation conveniently located in northwest Olathe. Since our start in 2006, people of all ages, and especially lots of young families, have made this campus their home. Together we strive to thoughtfully engage the Scriptures, worship our Savior, and serve and love one another with grace and truth. With a warm, friendly environment, together we are learning what it means to follow Christ. We look forward to seeing you on a Sunday morning!

Reid Kapple
Campus Pastor – Olathe Campus


what to expect

We’re excited you’re interested in Christ Community. We know contemplating a visit to a church for the first time can lead to questions. We hope the section below will help answer a few of the questions you might have about worshiping at Christ Community. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

What will worship services be like?

At Christ Community we want everything we do to be both thoughtful and beautiful, engaging our hearts and our minds. Our services include singing (typically guitar led and with a band, blending both old and new), prayer, Scripture readings, relevant teaching from the Bible, and monthly communion. We center ourselves on the good news of Jesus and the truths of His Word. All three Sunday morning services are generally the same and are roughly 65 minutes in length.

Who all will be there?

While we offer programming opportunities for children and students at various times throughout the morning, we also have a high value on families worshipping together. Our services are made up of people of all ages, married and single, all kinds of backgrounds, as well those who have been following Jesus for a long time and those who are still just checking Him out. It doesn’t matter who you are, there’s a place for you here.

What should I wear?

We’re not really worried about that and we’re generally very casual. If you feel like wearing a suit, go ahead, and if you feel like wearing a t-shirt and shorts, that’s great too. Just be yourself.

ministries @ the olathe campus

Community Groups are designed to be a place where people can engage with others from our church on a more personal level than what Sunday mornings can afford. Community Groups are small groups of people who meet in homes for the purpose of growing in the three relationships of the Christian life: our relationship with God, each other, and our city and world. Groups meet weekly during our fall, winter, and spring sessions.

If you have any questions about Community Groups, contact: Nikki Dieker.

A Caring Family

Our mission at Christ Community is “to be a caring family of multiplying disciples influencing our community and world for Jesus Christ.” The core of our Family and Care Ministries is to design and offer ministries and assistance that magnify and emphasize the “caring family” part of our mission. For details about current opportunities visit our calendar or contact for more information.

If you need immediate care or assistance, please contact the church office or email Reid Kapple.

Counseling and Professional Assistance

Here at Christ Community we recognize that sometimes life and circumstance may require you to connect with a professional for help. Should you find yourself or someone you care about in need of professional help and you are uncertain where to turn, please contact one of our pastors and they can share with you ideas of counselors and professionals with whom you might connect.

Men’s Ministries desires to provide a space where authentic community can take place and where we can encourage one another to grow in the likeness of Christ. In other words, we want to walk with other men and meet them where they are.

Men’s Ministries organizes and supports multiple avenues to encourage these kinds of connections. These connections follow the same three purposes of our Community Groups: Community, Discipleship, and Mission. Some of these happen regularly, and some take place periodically throughout the year: Bible and book studies, accountability groups, Kansas City events, guest speakers, and other enjoyable opportunities designed just for men.

Welcome to Women's Ministries at Christ Community

The heart of our Women’s Ministries is to welcome, encourage, connect, and serve women as we journey together. We offer a variety of ways to connect for women of all ages and stages of life, including prayer gatherings, serving opportunities, and fellowship events.

We offer regular opportunities for the women of our church to come together and serve our local body, our community, and our world. A variety of other fellowship events occur throughout the year, including prayer gatherings and Bible studies.

Please join us! For more information about Women’s Ministries, contact Sara Spence, or call us at 913.685.1161.

The Young Adult Community at the Olathe Campus is a unique mix of singles and married couples (with and without children) in their 20s and 30s. We gather together throughout the month to eat, serve, talk about Scripture and relevant topics, and simply have fun.

The main ways to connect regularly with young adults is through the Young Adult Community Groups and monthly lunches the first Sunday of the month at noon. Various activities will be planned throughout the year to provide additional opportunities for connection.

If you would like more information, contact Patrick Largen.

Welcome to Student Ministries at Christ Community. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and learn more about who we are and what we are about. We aim to live out our church’s calling to be a caring family of multiplying disciples influencing our community and world for Jesus Christ.

Our staff and adult volunteers partner with families in helping students grow in their walk with Christ. We desire to offer programs that are not only fun and engaging but also theologically rich and challenging.

We count it a privilege to invest in students and their families and to serve them in any way possible. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Jonathan Van Maanen. We would love to have you join us!

We minister to and nurture children from birth to 5th grade. Our goal is to partner with families as we seek to support and equip them to know, love, and grow in relationship with Christ in a way that will result in a life of worship.

Every developmental and grade-level room provides an intergenerational experience as adult leaders, youth helpers, and children all journey together through a grand metanarrative of the Big God Story. Our goal is to provide relevant and meaningful programs on Sundays and during the week to help children understand they have a part in God’s Story and this faith community as they grow and become deeply committed followers of Christ.

What is Razor's Edge?

Razor’s Edge is a catalytic learning experience, hosted at each of our campuses, that allows participants to engage ideas that have shaped our church and to grow in life habits that bring great transformation. It helps prepare participants to follow Jesus everywhere. Razor’s Edge consists of 11 weeknight gatherings, but truly is a 70-day journey designed to shape the rest of your life. Child care is provided.

Who is it for?

Razor’s Edge is designed for anyone at Christ Community who desires to become a more integral and effective Christ-follower, both in the church and in our community and world. It is designed to train and equip and is generally the basic prerequisite for anyone wishing to serve in a place of leadership at Christ Community. If you have any questions about whether this is the right pathway for you, please contact one of our staff to find out more, or visit our Razor’s Edge for details and registration information.

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Join a community group, designed to help connect, build authentic relationships, and encourage one another in our faith.


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