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CONTACT: Tim Garrett

This group of volunteers is focused on the Southfork apartment complex and regularly spend time serving with the people who live there and extend help and hope on a personal level. Site Teams are about life-long friendships, lasting impact and changed lives.


Our Team is regularly on property at Southfork and we meet together every Monday evening at 6:30pm for prayer. For more information about serving with the Site Team, contact Tim Garrett.


Mission Southside Website

Mission Southside has a neighbor’s heart: a heart that loves Jesus Christ and one that genuinely cares about the needs of others. Mission Southside is not a church, but partners with churches, “helps” organizations, businesses, and individuals to bring hope to Johnson County, KS, through the meeting of both physical and spiritual needs.


Ongoing Opportunities

ESL Classes

One of the greatest needs for people moving to the area from another country is learning English. Multiple classes are offered at Mission Southside’s ministry center.  For ESL classes , please contact Tim Garrett.

One-time Opportunities

Donations and Sorting

Mission Southside relies on the work of many volunteers to provide needed donated items. There is also a need to help sort and organize items at their facility. Please visit their website or email for more information.

Back Snack Program

Mission Southside seeks to provide sack meals for the many children and students in the Olathe School District that suffer from food insecurity. There is need to help with collecting items, as well as packaging the meals. Please visit their website or email for more information.

Quarterly Volunteer Opportunities

There are many other one-time opportunities throughout the year to serve as an individual, family, or community group. Please visit their volunteer opportunities page to learn more and sign up.


woodland elementaryWoodland is an elementary school in the Olathe school district that is committed to helping students achieve success in and out of the classroom. Their teaching staff works toward not only the education of each student, but the wellness of the whole student to make sure some of the most basic needs of economically challenged and under-resourced families in the school are met.


Here are some great ways to serve alongside our ministry partner, Woodland. Some of these opportunities are ongoing and some are one-time events. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please visit to learn more and to fill out an application, or contact the Olathe Schools Volunteer Department at 913.780.8233.

Ongoing Opportunities

Lunch Room Supervision Support

The lunchroom is a special place in an elementary school and it can also be a little hectic at times. Woodland is in need of people to serve during the lunch periods every day from 11:30-1:15 to help maintain a friendly yet controlled environment for the students. You do not need to serve the entire time, but you are welcome to.

Mentoring and Tutoring

Through Christ Community’s partnership with Woodland, Christ Community has the opportunity to create, develop and sustain relationships with the students of Woodland. True serving is developing those lasting relationships with students, parents and staff at Woodland. There is certainly a need for Mentors at Woodland. Each year there are students who are identified as benefiting from having a mentor but go without. Being a mentor can look different for everyone. Meeting times may vary throughout the school day, which days you mentor is flexible and there is opportunity to mentor both individual students or groups of students. If interested please contact, Phil Riedel.

After School Clubs

There are a number of clubs that take place throughout the year after school for a handful of weeks. Woodland offers a running club, a basketball dribbling club, a chess club, and others. Contact principal Stacy Shipley to learn more about these clubs.

One Time Opportunities

Collections for Supplies and Snacks

At the start of every school year, there are always a number of students who don’t have adequate supplies. We do a collection every August and January to gather school supplies and snacks for students in need. Contact Phil Riedel if you are interested in helping.

Jared Coones Memorial 5K Pumpkin Run

The various running clubs from all across the Olathe School District participate in this race every October. There are many ways to help serve and volunteer to make this race a great success. To learn more about the race, please visit and contact Stacy Shipley if you would like to volunteer.

Teacher Appreciation Week

As we all know, teachers have such an important and yet challenging job. Teacher Appreciation Week at Woodland is in early April every year. Our Women’s Ministries team hosts an appreciation luncheon during this week. This is a great time to send cards or small gifts to the teachers and staff at Woodland to let them know that we appreciate and support the work they do. To help serve in this way, please contact Sara Spence.

Teacher/Staff Recognition

Christ Community realizes to love on its students, we must show love for the teachers/staff at Woodland. Throughout the school year, teacher/staff receive snacks and cards of encouragements showing that we are thinking and praying for them and their work at Woodland.

Woodland Elementary Library Book Fair

Christ Community participates in collecting used books to be placed in the Woodland Book Fair. Collected books are made available to the Woodland students and parents for purchase and all proceeds go directly to the Woodland Library.  

Movie Night at Woodland

Christ Community Student Ministries has assisted, supervised and participated in the “Movie Night” at Woodland. This is an excellent way to have our students serve at Woodland and further develop our relationship.



Our ministry partner, Youthfront, is expanding its volunteer program and needs help all year round! If you have one hour, one day, or regular time each month, they can use you! Ranging from labor skills to office help, there is a job for everyone! Like working with youth? Summer opportunities provide opportunities to serve at one of the camp locations. Passion for helping the hungry? Something to Eat is looking for help all year round!


Ongoing Opportunities

Office Help

Youthfront is launching new volunteer opportunities for those who are gifted in administration! They are looking for volunteers to help out around the office, answering phones, helping with admin, and any other needs from week to week. This is a great position for someone who would like to come hang out with our staff on a regular basis. Some training is involved. For more information, contact


SUMMER mostly. If you have a green thumb and love to be outside, Youthfront can use your help keeping our campgrounds looking great! For more information, contact

Camp Hospitality

SUMMER only. We are looking for volunteers to help us on check-in days at all camp locations! This is one of the best ways to see the energy behind camp! You will help guide parents and campers on check-in day and administer various tasks with the process. Come one day a summer or every week all summer!  For more information, contact

Something to Eat Events

Come help at one of the many Something to Eat events. Haul rice, pack boxes, seal bags, oversee production, and much more! For more information about how to get involved with these events, check out or email

  • WAREHOUSE — Come help in the Something to Eat warehouse. This is not for the weak of heart! We need help cleaning, moving bags of rice, soy, veggies, loading pallets, and more! Contact if you are interested.
  • MOBILE FOOD DISTRIBUTION—Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, the Something to Eat team comes to the Franklin Center in Argentine, KS, and mobilizes food distribution for the neighbors of Kansas City, Kansas. Volunteers are needed from 12:15-3:45. Join us!

Imagine Argentine and Snack Shack KC

Imagine Argentine is a four-week youth social entrepreneurship program that helps youth find ways to make a difference in their community.

If you are interested in learning how you can be part of this growing program, please email Kurt Rietema  or visit their WEBSITE.

Snack Shack KC is the first program created by Imagine Argentine. You can learn more about Snack Shack KC you can check out their facebook page here. If you would like to find ways to serve with Snack Shack KC you can email Amber Booth.

One TIme Opportunities

Cabin Leader

During the summer months of Youthfront camp, they are always looking for volunteer cabin leaders. If you would like to come hang out with campers of all ages and participate in their spiritual development, this is the job for you! It does require overnight stays and is between 2-5 nights. For more information, visit:

Renovation Projects

Keeping a camp looking great is no easy task! We have a lot of jobs in the off-season that can use skilled labor help! In addition to our many work days, we are always looking for handy people to come and spend the day at camp helping where needed. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, contact

global partner

Shyira Diocese

Shyira Website  |  Shyira Facebook

SHYIRA MISSION: To proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, nurture believers, encourage and enable Christians to live after Jesus in obedience of the Holy Scripture.

The Shyira Diocese of the Anglican Church of Rwanda is an evangelical organization working to serve Northwest Rwanda in both pastoral care and community development.

They have 66 parishes that make up a total of 341 congregations with 69 pastors and 102,000 members.

Christ Community has had a vibrant relationship with Shyira for several years beginning with Chantal Mbanda and her husband Dr. Laurent Mbanda who served as the Bishop of the Diocese.

In 2018, Mbanda was elected as the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda.  Stepping into his place is Samuel Mugisha Mugiraneza who now serves as the new bishop of Shyira Diocese.  

Our current focus is collaboration with the Shyira Diocese to see spiritual and physical development through church planting, education, and sponsorship of economically empowering savings groups.  Other ministries include early childhood development through community preschools, pastoral education programs for local pastors, and building health centers to provide basic healthcare in local communities.

If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about our partnership with Shyira feel free to contact a member of our global outreach team.

About Sonrise Sponsorship

Sonrise School

Sonrise School is a boarding school for primary and secondary students governed by the Shyira Diocese located in Musanze, Rwanda. The purpose of Sonrise is to provide shelter, food, clothing, and education through the Love of God, to the orphaned and severely disadvantaged children in the northwest region of Rwanda, East Central Africa. Sonrise offers best in class education in order for the children of the Musanze district of Rwanda to thrive both academically and spiritually.



Sonrise Primary School opened its doors in September of 2001, followed by the opening of Sonrise High School in January of 2004. The educational mission at Sonrise is to set the standard for academic excellence and servant leadership, while at the same time, demonstrating that with love and education, even the country’s poorest of the poor children are redeemable and can be developed into future leaders of Rwanda. Sonrise has become “A Light on a Hill” and a demonstration to all of Rwanda as to what is possible. Sonrise enrolls a combination of students who come from stable homes and orphan students who must depend on the generosity of sponsors to pay their school fees.

The flourishing of Sonrise is catalytic to the mission of the Shyira Diocese as a whole. When this school is operational and fiscally solvent, then the Shyira Diocese is able to help the families of pastors who can send their own children to Sonrise at discounted rates. This enables less diverted time and energy away from their pastoral duties and allows their local congregations to flourish, by better serving and loving the people in their communities.

The Olathe Campus of Christ Community, in our partnership with the Shyira Diocese, has established a program to sponsor Sonrise. We believe that this partnership seeks to meet our priority outcomes of communities being strengthened and the vulnerable flourishing.


Grade Levels

Primary school consists of grades P1 – P6 (ages 7 – 12).  Students primarily start boarding at Sonrise in grade P4 or earlier.   Secondary school consists of grades S1 – S6 (ages 13 – 18). Students are required to take and pass a national exam after grade S3 to continue onto grade S4.  Students may opt to go to a technical training school instead of continuing to grade S4.


Sonrise will provide communication updates throughout the year that will be shared with Christ Community and Sponsors. In addition to sponsoring Sonrise, there is great value in building a relationship through writing letters to students and staff at Sonrise. This will foster the opportunity to learn more about the students/staff and how to be intentionally praying for them. Christ Community will create different writing opportunities and will be in charge of collecting letters from sponsor families on a quarterly basis (do not include any of your personal contact information within your letter).

Letters can be submitted to Sonrise School mailbox in the main lobby of the church or they can be emailed to

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