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Message: “Peter Cha – The Gospel and Cultural Diversity” from Special Guest

Special Guest - July 14, 2019

Peter Cha - The Gospel and Cultural Diversity

Genesis: The Earth Shall Be Blessed - Olathe Campus

In this discussion, we explore the implications of the gospel on cultural diversity and why it is important for the church to work towards it. Dr. Peter Cha is a professor from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS). He has extensive experience in pastoral and multicultural ministry. In addition, he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago, his master’s at TEDS, and his PhD at Northwestern University. QUESTIONS FROM PETER: Within a 5-10mile radius from your church campus, what significant people groups dwell there? What new people groups have moved into this area? In what ways might your church be able to intentionally reach out and serve all people groups who dwell within this 5-10 mile radius mission field? What might be some of the costs and challenges when your campus invites and embraces all people groups who live within this 5-10 mile radius? What might be the benefits of doing so?

From Series: "Genesis: The Earth Shall Be Blessed - Olathe Campus"

God created everything good, and we made a mess of things. But there is hope for a good world again. This hope is not in what we can achieve, but in what God has promised to accomplish Himself. For no matter what comes, God has promised the earth shall be blessed. Join us this summer as we continue in Genesis to see the resilient love of God for His world. For us. For you.

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