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Message: “BUILDING UPDATE: DC & SC” from Gabe Coyle

Gabe Coyle - April 14, 2019

07 Male and Female He Created Them: Part 2

Genesis: In the Beginning - Downtown Campus

Genesis 1:26-28, 2:18-25

From Series: "Genesis: In the Beginning - Downtown Campus"

How did we get here? More than just a question of origins, this is an inquiry into the meaning of life, the purpose of humanity, the problems of the world, and the direction of history. While humanity has put forth many attempts to answer these questions, it is clear that a pervasive confusion still remains in our search for who and why we are. Perhaps our confusion is a result of starting from the wrong place. We are tempted to find the answer within ourselves. But what if the answer was never meant to start with us? What if, instead, the better answer starts somewhere else or with Someone else? Join us this spring as we look back at the timeless book of Genesis in order to live forward in our cultural moment. And as we do, may we discover who we’re meant to be by encountering the One who has always been.

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