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Message: “13 The Earth Shall Be Blessed” from Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones - June 18, 2017

08 Lust | Chastity

Vices and Virtues - Leawood Campus

1 Thessalonians 4:3-8

From Series: "Vices and Virtues - Leawood Campus"

What steals joy, impedes spiritual growth, ruins relationships, brings entire civilizations down, and can be found in each of us? The answer is vice — sinful habits of mind and body that characterize life without God. In church history, descriptions of the allure and danger of vice abound. This includes the attempt to list the most central vices — the seven deadly sins. In Scripture, too, the vices are taken seriously, warned against, and condemned as deceitful and destructive. But how do we escape from these vices? We find in the writings of both ancient and modern philosophers, in church history down through the centuries, and, most importantly, throughout the entirety of Scripture, that we escape vice by growing in virtue - healthy habits of mind and body that characterize life with God. Join us for Vices and Virtues as we walk through the Scriptures to consider how to escape the dangerous allure of the vices and how to grow in the divine vibrancy of the virtues.

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