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Message: “13 The Earth Shall Be Blessed” from Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones - November 13, 2016

07 Faithfulness Without Control

Life Without Control - Leawood Campus

Daniel 6:1-28

From Series: "Life Without Control - Leawood Campus"

What do you do when life is spinning out of control? What happens when the problems of your life are too big for you to fix? When you look at your life, your community, your culture, your country and wonder, “How did we get here? What now?” In the coming weeks, we will look at the life of Daniel, a man who asked those same questions. His life was out of control. He lived in a city opposed to him and his God. He faced threats and danger, lost his home, and had everything taken from him. How did Daniel cling fiercely to faith in God in the midst of a world that threatened him because of that very God? How did Daniel flourish in a city that stood against him? Daniel’s world may have spun out of control, but Daniel didn’t. Why not? How did he live life without control? How do I live life without control?

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