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Message: “07 A Jesus Community (Part 1)” from Reid Kapple

Reid Kapple - February 16, 2020

07 A Jesus Community (Part 1)

Friends this posture of feeling the pains of others is vital if we are to be a community centered on Jesus. And to do so we must be a people who keep first things first in ordering our allegiances rightly. We must be a people who see the world upside down by guarding against the dangers of comfort and wealth. And we must be a people who feel the pains of others by emulating our Lord who became our pains for us. But if we can’t, won’t, or don’t do this, then I think we have in some ways drifted away from the Jesus Community we see being formed in Luke’s gospel. And we must fight to return to being a gathered and scattered community centered on Jesus in such a way that no label or category can justify our distance from or disdain for anyone. Amen Because at the center of our faith is Jesus, the one who saw us in our poverty and became poor to richly bless us. The one who saw us in our despair and joined in our grief to joyfully comfort us. One who saw us in our oppression and shared in it to fully justify us. The one who saw us unwelcomed and was rejected along with us in order to bring us into his kingdom. Amen! May God empower us by his Spirit to be a community centered on Jesus! A Jesus Community (Part 1) Luke 6:12-26 February 16, 2020 Reid Kapple Keywords: Luke 6, Pains, community, allegiances, upside down, fight, poverty, despair, oppression

From Series: "Rediscovering Jesus - Olathe Campus"

Jesus of Nazareth. There have been no shortage of opinions offered, books written, responses given to who Jesus was. Some worshipped Him as God. Others thought Him a criminal. The controversy surrounding Jesus followed Him through His life, and it has continued 2,000 years after His death. There is no masking Jesus’ enormous influence on human history. In the midst of all this noise, who was Jesus? Why is He so important to human history? Is Jesus simply someone who agrees, confirms, and approves of everything we already thought and believed? A few decades after the death of Jesus, a man named Luke was wrestling with those questions with his friend, a friend uncertain as to who Jesus was. So Luke set about rediscovering Jesus. He asked Jesus’ friends, he listened to Jesus’ enemies, and worked hard to give us the account of just who Jesus really was. Luke was convinced Jesus had good news for us. Life changing news. Rest for the anxious. Healing for the broken. Freedom for the trapped. Luke rediscovered Jesus. He wrote about Jesus, so that we could rediscover Jesus.

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