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Message: “03 Bold Faith Takes a Big Step” from Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones - November 18, 2018

03 Bold Faith Takes a Big Step

Bold Faith - Leawood Campus

Joshua 1-4

From Series: "Bold Faith - Leawood Campus"

Every once and while, God does something big. Whether He introduces an unanticipated change, presents an unforeseen decision, or brings an unexpected opportunity—sometimes, God sends something along that changes everything. These moments require something unique from us: bold faith. Faith to take a risk, even if we don’t have all the information. Faith to make a change, even if we feel fine where we are. Faith to take a step without knowing where it may take us. These moments don’t happen every day, but the story of God’s people is full of them. At Christ Community, we believe such a moment is upon us. We’re at a crossroads, and God has put an opportunity before us that could change everything. It will require wisdom, discernment, and, yes, bold faith. Join us as we trace one of the most powerful stories of trust and courage in the entire Bible and discover the big God who enables us to live with bold faith.

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