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Message: “07 Gospel Fruit” from Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones - May 27, 2018

07 Gospel Fruit

No Other - Leawood Campus

Galatians 5:16-25

From Series: "No Other - Leawood Campus"

The gospel message is central to the Christian faith. But what is the gospel and who is it for? Is it a religious doctrine, a book of the Bible, or a spiritual fairy tale? And what do we do with it after we hear it? While the gospel message is timeless, the way every generation understands it is subject to change. For this reason it is so crucial that the church in every generation should seek to thoughtfully and lovingly teach the central truth of the good news of Jesus Christ that rescues the lost and rejuvenates the church. For this gospel is our only hope in life and death. There is no other.

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