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Message: “08 A Church for the End of the World…Conquers” from Reid Kapple

Nathan Miller - November 3, 2019

07 A Church for the End of the World...Repents

My name is written in the book of life. I will live forever. What I miss in this life will be made up for eternity. All that is wrong will be made right. I’ll be whole--clothed with Jesus. He will confess my name before the Father. Nathan belongs with Me. Not because I’m awake enough or good enough. Man, I’m so sleepy. Because He died for me. And I trust Him. And in His resurrection, I am also raised. And daily He is waking me up. Reading this book was like an alarm clock, but in a good way. Like waking up and realizing it’s the first day of summer vacation. You know what I’m saying? Like waking up in some beautiful place with endless adventure and joy ahead of you. Like waking up with Jesus. And finally seeing reality for what it really is. It feels like Living. And there’s still a chance for us. Wake up, Church. Repents Revelation 3:1-6 November 3, 2019 Nathan Miller

From Series: "Revelation: A Church for the End of the World - Olathe Campus"

The world is changing. Technological progress has led to amazing developments - we can access anything, anywhere, or anyone in the world with the device in our pockets. We are filled with confidence that we will make a better future for ourselves. That we have no limits. The kingdom is right around the corner… At the same time, fewer and fewer people are attending church in the US. People who grew up in church are leaving, disengaging. Belief in a kingdom we can make for ourselves is strong, but it is a kingdom without a King. What is the church to be in this cultural moment? Join us as we go to an ancient source, the book of Revelation, 7 letters written by Jesus to the church of the 1st century that provide the way forward for the church of today. A church for the end of the world...

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