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Message: “08 A Church for the End of the World…Conquers” from Reid Kapple

Reid Kapple - November 10, 2019

08 A Church for the End of the World...Conquers

The faithful habit of gathering for worship on Sunday is needed if we are going to be a fruitful people on Monday for the good of our neighbors and the glory of Christ. We need to gather together, submit ourselves to Jesus, and center ourselves on his gospel so that we might guard against the toxic and abusive ways our world thinks about conquering. As we gather in worship we declare that we are a people who conquer our enemies, not by fighting against them, but by fighting for them. This is the posture we must have towards our enemies. For it is the posture Jesus holds towards his enemies, namely you and me. If you are in Christ, aren’t you thankful that God didn’t just eradicate you along with your sin? But his love for you was such that he while he hated your sin he didn’t fight against you but he fought for you by dying for you. And he has done this for us so that we might join him his work of conquering the world through love. For in Jesus’ economy strength is formed through weakness. Glory is achieved through humility. Enemies are defeated through love. Life is found in death. When Jesus is king, winning looks a lot like losing. Are you willing to lose yourself and let him be your conqueror? Conquers Revelation 3:7-13 November 10, 2019 Reid Kapple

From Series: "Revelation: A Church for the End of the World - Olathe Campus"

The world is changing. Technological progress has led to amazing developments - we can access anything, anywhere, or anyone in the world with the device in our pockets. We are filled with confidence that we will make a better future for ourselves. That we have no limits. The kingdom is right around the corner… At the same time, fewer and fewer people are attending church in the US. People who grew up in church are leaving, disengaging. Belief in a kingdom we can make for ourselves is strong, but it is a kingdom without a King. What is the church to be in this cultural moment? Join us as we go to an ancient source, the book of Revelation, 7 letters written by Jesus to the church of the 1st century that provide the way forward for the church of today. A church for the end of the world...

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