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Message: “08 A Life that Waits in Hope” from Reid Kapple

Reid Kapple - February 28, 2016

09 The Only Judge

The Upside-Down Kingdom - Leawood

Matthew 7:1-5 Recorded February 28, 2016 Leawood Campus

From Series: "The Upside-Down Kingdom - Leawood"

Is Jesus really a King? What kind of kingdom is He bringing? And what on earth does that have to do with me? As a church we are exploring these questions as we walk as through the Gospel of Matthew, one of the earliest records of Jesus Christ. As Matthew begins, one of the first things we see is Jesus’ most famous sermon--The Sermon on the Mount--essentially His own description of His very Upside-Down Kingdom. He defies our expectations and exposes our deepest needs, all the while calling us to a place of ultimate wholeness and joy.

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