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Message: “01 The Song of Mary” from Reid Kapple

Reid Kapple - December 1, 2019

01 The Song of Mary

How are our lives different because of God’s grace towards us? Do we love with greater compassion because of the love Jesus has shown us? Do we sing with greater joy because of the joy we have found in Jesus? Do we serve with greater humility because of the humble servant Jesus became in order to die for us? Do we lament and feel the pains of others as if they are our own because Jesus became our pains as he suffered in our place? Do we refrain from immoral, unjust, and unethical forms of work, entertainment, and consumption because Jesus is the prince of peace, the judge of the earth, and the holy one who longs to see his broken world made new? Now if you are not a follower of Jesus, let me ask you this? Isn’t what I just described the life you long to live? Even if you struggle to believe in something like the virgin birth. And if you do, you’re in good company, because Mary had a hard time believing that too. Don’t you want to wake up and realize that God’s grace is a truth that is more beautiful and powerful than you could ever have imagined? And that it is closer to you than you could ever have hoped for? The Song of Mary Luke 1:26-56 December 1, 2019 Reid Kapple

From Series: "The First Songs of Christmas - Olathe Campus"

Songs have such power to convey meaning and evoke emotion. Christmas music is no exception. Whether they cause you to feel jolly or jaded, these seasonal songs of celebration do impact us. And we want to experience the wonder and glory of God’s entrance into our world through The First Songs of Christmas. Now we’re not talking about the tunes we hear at the mall. This advent season we will see the story of Christ’s birth through the songs that are sung in the opening chapters of Luke’s gospel. And as we listen we will discover the glorious truth that Jesus is the song our hearts long to sing.

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