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Message: “11 When Jesus Disappoints” from Gabe Coyle

A message from the series "Rediscovering Jesus - Downtown Campus." PRAYER REQUESTS : SERMON NOTES : FAMILY DEVOTIONAL -- See links BELOW • Jesus, are you the One, or should we look for another? • Our Expectations of Jesus • Jesus always meets His expectations, and they’re better than ours. “You go tell John what you’ve seen around here. Tell him there are people who have sold their seeing-eye dogs and taken up bird-watching. Tell him there are people who’ve traded in aluminum walkers for hiking boots. Tell him the down-and-out have turned into the up-and-coming and a lot of deadbeats are living it up for the first time in their lives. And three cheers for the one who can swallow all this without gagging.” - Frederick Buechner Peculiar Treasures: A Biblical Who’s Who First Online Service / Christ Community Church Kansas City
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Message: “10 A Jesus Community (Part 3)” from Reid Kapple

A message from the series "Rediscovering Jesus - Olathe Campus." Jesus has come to not simply be the great interior decorator of our homes making our nice lives a little nicer. He has come to be the great contractor who is making the homes of our lives entirely new. Amen! Fitting Jesus into our lives keeps Jesus out of our lives. All of us live our lives upon a foundation of some kind. Do you know what your life is built upon? Have you dug down deep enough to get to the bedrock of Jesus the cornerstone? If so you will find the foundation that will get you through the storms of life. For he has endured the greatest storm of death itself and it did not wash him away. Friends, do you want to build your life upon something that lasts? Then stop trying to fit Jesus into your life and make him the foundation of your life. A Jesus Community (Part 3) Luke 6:46-49 March 8, 2020 Reid Kapple
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