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global outreach


We desire to develop relationships and share resources with organizations that help the local church flourish around the world.  Our prayer is that God will use our collaboration to develop neighborhoods across the globe where…

  • Churches are multiplying
  • Leaders are developing
  • Disciples are growing
  • Communities are flourishing
  • Vulnerable are thriving

We believe cross-cultural partnerships are essential if these outcomes are to find expression in our own context and beyond.

our values

  • Gospel Proclamation & Incarnation. We believe the gospel finds its fullest expression in both word and deed.
  • Local Church. We believe the local church is the primary means for God’s redemptive work.
  • Care for the Vulnerable. We believe God’s people are called to compassion & justice for the oppressed.
  • Indigenous Leadership. We believe local community members are best positioned to understand and lead in their context.
  • Organizational Health. We believe existing and developing institutions, with a long-term and sustainable approach, are essential for lasting and structural health in a community.
  • Mutual Partnership. We believe partnership involves the building of relationships, learning from one another, and working together.

our global partners


Our partners share our basic faith-commitments and understand the value we place on God’s Spirit, actively working in and through the local church. We have chosen to partner because we believe in the value of incarnational ministry—that is, individuals who work, play, listen, and live amongst the people they are called to serve. We understand our partners to be uniquely gifted and positioned in their context (a.) to bear witness to the gospel and (b.) to strategically partner with us to further God’s mission.

China Partnership

China Partnership Website

China Partnership Mission: to partner with the Chinese in planting gospel-centered churches in China and to resource U.S. churches with a heart to share the gospel with Chinese.

The China Partnership began as a coalition of PCA churches over two decades ago.  Over time, the China Partnership has grown and now includes dozens of churches from various denominations partnering together with hundreds of leaders in China to see the gospel bear fruit amongst ethnic Chinese–both in China and America.

The China Partnership is committed to:

  • Providing gospel-centered training and resources for shepherding followers of Jesus, living a renewed life, and planting churches.
  • Facilitating missional partnerships between the Chinese church and believers around the world.
  • Encouraging and equipping believers to love Chinese people everywhere, but particularly those living in proximity to their neighborhoods and communities.


Elam Website

Elam Mission: to strengthen and expand the church in the Iran region and beyond.

Elam has been faithfully supporting and mobilizing Iranians for church-planting and discipleship since 1988.  They facilitate a leadership-development program that echoes the content and values of our own Razors Leadership Pathway.  Elam’s faithful and courageous leaders testify to an amazing movement of God among Iranians (in Iran and beyond).

Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iranians have become increasingly disillusioned with Islam. The political, economic, and spiritual situation has created a deep spiritual hunger for truth. This has resulted in the unprecedented growth of the Iranian church.

Elam Ministries’ vision is that all the people of the Iran region would have the opportunity to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him, and be instrumental in taking the gospel to other Muslims.

Eleventh Hour Network

Eleventh Hour Network Mission: to mobilize churches in Eastern Africa to reach their neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We build networks, train pastors and evangelists, and work to catalyze mission and church planting.

Christ Community became involved with Eleventh Hour Network when mutual friends invited a couple of our pastors to teach at a conference in November 2008.  It didn’t take long for us to see the amazing potential of this church-planting movement: dozens of leaders, young and old, from various tribes and tongues (often in conflict with one another), reconciled to Jesus and one another!

This diverse group is joining together to facilitate leadership training, partner with relief & development organizations, evangelize, and plant churches in some of the most difficult places in Kenya.

Projekt Kirche

Projekt Kirche Website

Projekt:Kirche Mission: to create a place where all people are invited–for the first time or in fresh ways–to discover a Christian faith that plays a meaningful role in their lives today.

Projekt Kirche:  what if there was a church for everyone?  A gospel-centered, contextualized church that would truly serve its neighborhood?  A church that would not only help people to connect with the Christian faith (maybe for the first time), but also have influence on the city as a whole?  A thriving church in an area with little connection to the gospel that could reach like-minded people from all over the city?   Projekt Kirche started in 2013 with these courageous and hope-filled questions.  Its aim is to invite everyone (especially those with no prior faith-commitment) to explore how the gospel might have something to say to their lives in their city.

Shyira Diocese

Shyira Website
Shyira Facebook

Shyira Mission: To proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, nurture believers, encourage and enable Christians to live after Jesus in obedience of the Holy Scripture.

Christ Community first got involved in Rwanda through an orphan ministry called New Hope Homes, founded by Chantal Mbanda.  In our earliest years of partnership, we collaborated to address educational & facility needs for the children of New Hope Homes.  Over time, our involvement expanded as we met Chantal’s husband, Mbanda, and learned of another organization they had founded, CALM.  In partnership with CALM, we began to collaborate in the work of community development, pastoral training, and leadership development.

In 2010, Mbanda accepted an invitation to serve as Bishop of the Shyira Diocese and our partnership together continued to expand.  Our current focus is collaborating with the Shyira Diocese to see local pastors and churches flourish in their gospel witness.

Eleventh Hour

current projects

how to get involved

We have a Global Team serving at each campus to help organize and mobilize for global engagement.  We’d love to hear from you with questions, ideas, and input about how God is at work in our world!

global team


Lisa Heinbach


Sara Ramey


Alan Mercer


Kim Johnson


Jeff Boss

frequent questions

Why does Christ Community partner with existing, indigenous organizations rather than pioneer new initiatives?

We believe the incarnational ministry that Jesus modeled is a cue for our own effective approach to outreach.  We’re called to learn the language of our faith, but also the language of our people, our culture, and our context.  An effective gospel message–whether in word or deed–is a contextualized gospel message.

Because of this, we seek out individuals who are best positioned and gifted to serve their communities and then we collaborate together in the context of organizational partnerships.  We believe this approach offers the healthiest and greatest long-term impact in both of our communities.

How does Christ Community select Global Partners?

Because we aim to develop deep friendships and tackle strategic goals (in both of our communities), we are not always actively seeking new Global Partners. (After all, both deep friendships and strategic goals require a relatively long-term investment!) When we do have capacity and sense God’s Spirit prompting us to establish another Global Partner, our Global Leadership Team works through a Partner Selection process that evaluates potential partnerships based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment in values
  • Alignment in priority outcomes
  • Quality of work and innovation
  • Quality of organization or institutional-potential
  • Capacity for relationship and collaboration


Though we’re not always pursuing new partnerships, our Global Leadership Team members are always eager to learn more about how our congregation is involved in global outreach or involved with global organizations and initiatives!

How does Christ Community evaluate Global Partners?

As we enter into partnership, we work with our Global Partners to understand their primary goals and how they plan to measure their progress and success.  Based on their metrics, we collaborate together to evaluate how things are going.  (We ask for their help in our context, as we name goals and evaluate our own progress as well.)

Does Christ Community facilitate short-term mission trips?

At Christ Community, we don’t provide a program ministry that facilitates numerous short-term mission trips each year.  At the same time, we realize the value of spending time together with our Global Partners, so we make it a point to host or visit each other once a year.  When our Partners invite us to visit them in order to help with a strategic goal, it’s our delight to prayerfully mobilize congregants, as availability & resources allow.

I know this amazing ___ (person/organization/movement of God). How can I invite Christ Community to get involved?

Though Christ Community is not always seeking to establish new Global Partners, we love to be informed about the amazing organizations and strategic initiatives that are happening all over the globe!  If you know of something cool we should be aware of, please contact a member of your Global Team.

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