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First Friday: Artist Kate Fromm “Who Makes You?”
May 7, 2021 at 5:30 PM
Organizer: Kelly Kruse

Please join us for our annual Kansas City Art Institute graduating senior fiber exhibition featuring Kate Fromm.

Friday May 7, 2021

5:30-9:00 PM

"Who Makes You?"

From the artist’s statement about her work:

"My work focuses on abstracted landscapes. I am inspired by color and pattern found in natural formations and work to emulate that through layering and multiple dye processes. In both my weaving and my dyed yardage I am able to play with color interaction in a hands-on way. I find dyeing to be intuitive and enjoy being able to make decisions and respond during the process. Each piece must go through at least three dye baths, forming layers of foreground, middleground and background. Quick decision making using a call and response methodology allows me to work large scale on multiple pieces at a time. Working within a series provides space for the fabrics to compliment each other and establish a dialogue. The scale of my work is meant to confront the viewer the same way they would be confronted by a vast landscape. I work to evoke a sense of awe and wonderment by forcing a face to face experience for my viewer everytime they encounter my work." -Kate Fromm

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