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First Friday: Josey Lee, “This is my body—”
Apr 2, 2021 at 5:30 PM
Organizer: Kelly Kruse

Josey Seung-Ah Lee is a multidisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia, PA. She received her B.A. in Art and Sociology from Pennsylvania State University in 2013.

This body of work is a lament over a family that was broken apart, the body that was torn in two, the sanctuary that was desecrated.

Josey Lee's description of this work:

“This is my body—" is a reflection on the repercussions of my parents’ divorce. It is a lament over the dismembering of my family, the tearing apart of that body, the desecration of that sanctuary people call home. It is also a meditation on the collision between the earthly and the divine.

As a triune metaphor for my family as both body and sanctuary, this installation contains visual aspects of my childhood home, the Bible’s recurring theme of animal sacrifice, and the Mosaic tabernacle (or tent)". 

See more of Josey’s work here: http://joseylee.com/

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