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Engage Night 2s/3s - Repeat Repeat Repeat!
Dec 6, 2019 at 6:00 PM
Organizer: Dawn Heckert

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat- Engage Night for 2s and 3s
December 6, 6:00pm-7:15pm

Parenting two and three-year-olds can feel like you’re a broken record, repeating instructions over and over again. However, repetition is the key to success with little ones. Once you help them develop a rhythm, they will learn to carry the beat as they become more independent.

Parents and their two and three-year-olds are invited to ENGAGE in REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT! Discovering a beat, singing a song, and repeating a rhyme is a way to communicate and connect with your child. Valeria Adams is a musical specialist through Music with Mar. As a former educator and self-proclaimed band geek, she knows the power music holds over the brain and body.

This special phase night will focus on connecting parents and children through discovering a beat that makes fingers snap, toes tap, little voices chant, and puts a smile on the face of everyone. Valerie will help parents and their kids to engage in communication in a new way through music. 

The evening will include pizza for dinner and childcare for siblings! 


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