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All-Volunteer Training
Aug 24, 2019 at 8:15 AM
Organizer: Nikki Dieker

Calling all volunteers at the Olathe Campus!  The  All-Volunteer Training Day is Saturday, August 24. 

Register for lunch and childcare HERE. **Childcare is limited, please register 8/19 or 8/20 to guarantee your spot**

Below is the schedule for the morning so you can come with a game plan of what Breakouts to attend.

8:15-8:25am - Childcare Check in

8:25-8:45 - Opening in the Worship Center

8:55-9:45 - Breakout Session 1

  •     Children's Ministries 101 (Room 203/204)
  •     Community Group Leader Training (Room 201/202)
  •     Tech Training (Worship Center)
  •     Empathy and Listening with Alex Howard (Student Center)

9:55-10:45 - Breakout Session 2

  •     Children's Ministries 201 (Worship Center)
  •     Community Group Leader Training (Room 201/202)
  •     Cultivating a Life of Prayer with Reid Kapple (Room 203/204)
  •     Empathy and Listening with Alex Howard (Student Center)

10:55-11:45 - Breakout Session 3

  •     Children's Ministries 201 (Worship Center)
  •     Hospitality Training (Room 201/202)
  •     Student Ministries Training (Room 203/204)
  •     Empathy and Listening with Alex Howard (Student Center)

Breakout Descriptions

  • Tech - If you serve in the tech booth, join us for some sharpening time
  • Community Groups Leader Training - No matter how long we lead, we can always get better, Community Group Leaders are invited for a time of training designed to make us better together
  • Children's Ministries 101 - This is for new/newer Children's Ministries volunteers or anyone who has not attended this required part of the training.
  • Children's Ministries 201 - One of the challenges of children's ministry is meeting the needs of children from a myriad of backgrounds, some known, but most are unknown. Join us as we look at behavior through a new lens of understanding. This workshop will hep increase your compassion and capacity as you serve children. This workshop will not only give you new insight and renewed empathy but also new tools and approaches for both managing behavior and ministering to the hearts of the children you work with each Sunday! 
  • Hospitality - This breakout will go over the serving roles of the Hospitality Team and how to learn from each other. The Hospitality Team consists of house managers (make coffe set out clipboards, etc.), greeters, ushers, porters (keeps the building looking tidy), and welcome table volunteers. Our safety and medical teams fall under this category as well. 
  • Student Ministries - This is a sharpening time for all Student Ministry Volunteers and those interested in serving with our students.
  • Cultivating a Life of Prayer - Prayer can be really difficult. Even when we have the right intentions, the right desires, and the right theology, we can still feel like we are at a loss. This breakout will be designated to help you understand the purposes of prayer, embrace the postures of prayer, and engage the practices of prayer. 
  • Empathy and Listening - This is an exploration of the concept of empathy and how it is different than sympathy as well as listening and relationship building skills. 

Register for lunch and childcare HERE. **Childcare is limited, please register 8/19 or 8/20 to guarantee your spot**

Any questions, contact Nikki Dieker at

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