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Check Out Details: Neighborly Day Pack
May 22, 2019. All day
Organizer: Anna Lynn Rolf

What might happen if we truly got to know our neighbors and likewise, they got to know us?  This summer let’s put the Great Commandment in the forefront of our thinking.  How can we love those around us?  Every event we’re offering this summer is focusing around a meal or intentional time with those around us-even those we don’t know yet!

We’ve put together three exciting Neighborly Days Family Fun Packs to help you get to know those around you.  We have an Outdoor Fun Pack, A Rainy Day Pack and A Water Fun Pack.  These are intended for you to borrow over three days and all the activities and supplies for kids to enjoy with their families are included.  We’ve even included equipment for you to provide an awesome snack (ice cream or snow cones). 

Inviting neighbors into your home teaches your children about hospitality, but it also allows you to get to know them on a personal level.  Our homes are comfortable, casual and a convenient place to build relationships. We can’t wait to hear how your family gets to know those around you.  Hope you’ll get out your calendar and schedule a Neighborly Day now. 

Please complete THIS FORM to check out one of our Neighborly Days Pack.  Any questions, reach to Anna Lynn Rolf.

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