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Spring Photo Walk (KC Fountains)
Apr 16, 2019 at 5:00 PM

Photo Friends! Our city is packed full with wonderful, interesting, and beautiful things. We want to invite you to join us on our next "Photo Walk" where we walk various KC neighborhoods, taking photos together. It's a fun opportunity for friendship and artistry. These walks also build a much-needed awareness of this city that we love. 

Whether you like snapping photos with your phone, or you're taking a photo class in school, or maybe you're a pro (or just a photo nerd like me!) you are invited! Young and old . . . you are invited!

KC Photo Walk (KC Fountains)
Tuesday, April 16 (Fountain Day!)
Meet at JC Nichols Memorial Fountain (at the Plaza)


Each of our photo walks have unique—tapping into the special parts of Kanas City. April 16 is Fountain Day, so this walk will focus on the fountains of this great "City of Fountains. We will meet at the Plaza's JC Nichols Memorial Fountain (an icon of KC) but we intend to carpool to a couple of other note-able fountains in the midtown area. We will end up back at the Plaza for some awesome photos at sunset. 

Come! Make photos with us! Make friends with us!

If you have any questions, please let Joey Wilson know

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