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Palm Sunday Experience for Children
Apr 14, 2019 at 9:00 AM
Organizer: Dawn Heckert

Children’s Ministries is creating a Holy Week experience on Palm Sunday for children using the beautiful book Easter Love Letters from God by Glenys Nellist. The final week of Jesus’ life is often lost on our children as Palm Sunday takes them to his Triumphal Entry and Easter brings the Resurrection celebration! To help children of every age understand the story, we are creating an experience representing each day of Holy Week. Kids will mark items on a week-long calendar to recount the story. Here are the experiences your child will be guided through at the Palm Sunday Experience:

  King of Kings- Ride into Jerusalem and the welcoming of a king through shouts of “Hosanna” and waving palm branches. Matthew 21:1-11?
  What Love Looks Like- Jesus washes the feet of His disciples. John 13:1-17?
  The Secret Supper- Jesus shares His final meal with the disciples. Luke 22: 14-20 & John 14:1-6?
  The Gloomy Garden- Jesus prays to the Father for strength and courage. Mark 14:32-42?
  The Darkest Day- Jesus is judged and crucified on the cross. Matthew 27:45-54?
  The Quiet Cave- Jesus’ body is removed from the cross and buried in a cave. John 19:38-42?

We encourage you to share with your child the story of Holy week using the passages above as a guide for your conversation. Invite each member of the family to answer the following questions after you have read the passage. Learning to pause and respond to God’s word allows it to connect to our hearts and minds. Use the following two questions as conversation starters. This may lead to a desire for your child to draw a picture, recreate the story in some form, or asking for you to pray with them for understanding.

  • How is God leading you to respond to this part of the story??
  • What is one truth you know about God from hearing this story??

Holy week is a roller coaster of emotions for the disciples, Jesus, his followers, and if we place ourselves in the story for us, today. Even though we know the hope of the resurrection is just one Sunday away, we can relate to the depth, height, and breadth of God’s love for us in this incredible act of redemption and restoration for His people. 

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