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Cross & Resurrection - Art Gallery Opening
Mar 1, 2019 at 5:30 PM
Organizer: Gabe Coyle

The Cross & The Resurrection is a collection of artwork created by Christos Collective that focuses on new life, self sacrifice, and eternal redemption.

About the Exhibition:
"For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth…” Job 19:25

The cross is the single most important image in Christianity because it represents the single most important event in all of human history. From a Christian perspective, every person’s identity and destiny is related to the cross in some way. Just as powerful is the resurrection, for with a dead Christ, there would be no Christianity. We share in these events because defining every Christian’s life is a death and second birth. With this exhibition the goal of Christos Collective is to personally behold the cross and empty tomb as well as to help viewers fix their attention upon Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. May our hearts not follow anything that would distract from the beautiful sacrifice of Christ’s Cross and the powerful truth of his Resurrection.

About the Artists:
Christos Collective is an international artists and scholars community that empowers contemporary Christian visual art to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of a Christian worldview. To learn more, visit

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