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community groups

What is a Community Group?

A Community Group is small group of individuals in our church who gather regularly in homes throughout the week to grow together in relationship with God, one another, and our neighbors, both local and global.

How important are Community Groups?

We believe Community Groups are a great environment for spiritual growth at Christ Community. They are the place where our mission as a church is best lived out: to be a caring family of multiplying disciples influencing our community and world for Jesus Christ. We believe meeting together on a regular basis as a group is time well spent.

What happens in a Community Group?

Although every group will look different, these four elements are essential to every group:

  • Hospitality: Every group takes time to share life together and support one another.
  • Bible: Every group regularly engages in conversation about the Bible.
  • Application: Every group strives to apply the Bible to all aspects of life.
  • Prayer: Every group prays together and for each other regularly.

How long do they last?

Community Group sessions last eight weeks. We have fall, winter, and spring sessions. At the end of each session, you will have the choice of staying in the same group, trying a new group, or taking a break. Groups do not meet over the summer (mid-June through August). See the sidebar for this year’s schedule.


Winter Session  
January 19 – March 8, 2020

Spring Session  
April 19 – June 7, 2020

how to join a group

We are excited that you are interested in joining a Community Group. Find your campus listed below and fill out the Community Group Interest Form. A contact person for each campus will connect with you soon! Also, you can always contact a pastor at your campus with any questions.

choose your

– Brookside –

– Downtown –

– Leawood –

– Olathe –

– Shawnee –

Find out more about Community Groups by watching this short video. Ready to join? Fill out the Interest Form for your campus, or contact your campus staff coordinator from the list below.

Brookside Campus: Bill Gorman
Downtown Campus: Ben Beasley 
Leawood Campus: Darin Lund
Olathe Campus: Nikki Dieker
Shawnee Campus: Andrew Campbell

group study

using conversation starters

Conversation Starters are one way we at Christ Community seek to dig deeper into the current sermon and biblical text. Whether you’re using these individually, as part of a family, or Community Group, please take some time to work through the Bible passages and ask the questions provided.

Community Group Leaders: Here are a few pointers on how to effectively utilize this resource in your community group.

Pray — Pray over the group and the conversation you will have this week. Ask God to use these questions and this time together to form and shape your group to be people who know truth and live truth.

Prepare — Try to avoid reading the questions verbatim. Attempt to ask the questions in a naturally conversant manner. This will require a high level of familiarity with the questions before the group begins.

Personalize — Personalize the questions so that they fit your style and the dynamics of your group. Feel free to reword questions, add new questions, or skip questions.

Prompt — Try to provide follow-up questions that you could use to supplement the conversation starter. Remember, this is simply a guide to help facilitate conversation.

Pace — Do not feel obligated or rushed to get through all of the questions. The goal is not to finish all the questions, but to have a fruitful discussion.


where to find conversation starters?

Conversation Starters are written for each campus to complement sermons during the months of August – December, and April – June, as a tool for use in Community Groups and other discussion groups. Conversation Starters can be found along with Sermon Notes by following these directions:

  • You can  find a direct LINK to Conversation Starters and Sermon Notes in the Saturday morning Weekly Update email that is sent to your personal email address.


  • DOWNLOAD Conversation Starters PDF booklet
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