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A Word Spoken for Ash Wednesday, 2021

By Kelli Sallman Reposted with permission from Based on Isaiah 55; Ezekiel 37:1–14; Ephesians 2–4; 6:10–20 With help from the body: Randy Bonifield, Dawn Heckert,  Callie Johnson, Kia Hunt, Bobbie Jeffrey, and Emily Hobbs  Complicity Under the steeple steeped in…

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Thank You for Seeing Me

Guest Author:  Ben Asnicar There is something profoundly affirming about being seen. Call it being heard (really listened to), recognized (for accomplishment or character), acknowledged (for contributions or being present), respected (as a fellow human/image-bearer), or noticed (as a participant…

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A Little Perspective

Have you seen the movie Ratatouille? Near the end, food critic Anton Ego orders “a little perspective.” After he is wowed by the main character’s cooking ability, he reminds the viewer that sometimes we need to look at things a…

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