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Thank You for Seeing Me

Guest Author:  Ben Asnicar There is something profoundly affirming about being seen. Call it being heard (really listened to), recognized (for accomplishment or character), acknowledged (for contributions or being present), respected (as a fellow human/image-bearer), or noticed (as a participant…

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A Little Perspective

Have you seen the movie Ratatouille? Near the end, food critic Anton Ego orders “a little perspective.” After he is wowed by the main character’s cooking ability, he reminds the viewer that sometimes we need to look at things a…

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Created for Connection

By Curt Thompson, MD Reposted with permission from In this podcast, you’ll explore: – The immensely hopeful discoveries of neuroscience showing that small, daily choices can alter the anatomy of our brain – changing how we think, and ultimately,…

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A Prayer for Unity

This blog post was originally published by Adam Balentine, who serves on Christ Community's elder leadership team, in his family's blog, Balentine Memoirs. I wrote the following prayer and delivered it at [the Brookside Campus of Christ Community] on January…

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