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Os visits Oz

(Yup. We couldn’t resist!) Have you heard? Os Guinness is coming to Kansas, live and in-person, and we are excited to hear him speak about our current cultural moment. Put  Sept. 28, 4-6pm on your calendar to be at the…

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Serving the Church

Guest Author: Clay Nickel I was a bit intimidated when approached by our Pastor of Children’s Ministries to contribute an article on serving—I fail a lot in serving and in modeling service. Still, we are fortunate that our whole family…

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RE: In Regard to Lent:

In regard to Lent… If you use email to operate the logistics of your work and life, you surely see “Re:” in your inbox daily. “Re,” of course, means “in regard to.”  “Re:” signals that someone has replied to an…

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