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Are You Ready To Die?

When asked this question your first thought might be that I was inquiring about your relationship with Christ and in particular your eternal destiny. Of course your eternal destiny is of great, great importance. But what if you were asked this question by an estate-planning attorney whose calling it is to assist followers of Jesus to not only live well, but also die well?

Recently Liz and I spent time with our estate-planning attorney addressing this very question as we prayerfully updated our end of life health care directives, wills and living trust. This is not the first time we have done end of life planning. End of life planning should be revisited every three years or so or when a significant life change occurs.

Against the backdrop of the brevity of our lives, no matter our age or life circumstances, whether we have many assets or a few, planning well for our death is very important.

Tragically it is something followers of Jesus all too often neglect. The book of Proverbs gives us a wise perspective. “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” 

While we place our complete trust in a sovereign God to guide, protect and provide for us, we are accountable stewards called to wisely plan. 

Wise end of life planning is a very important aspect of our financial stewardship. Utilizing a variety of legal instruments available, we are able to leave behind a legacy of God-honoring generosity that will care for our loved ones as well as invest in the ongoing mission of God in the world. Because we strongly believe God designed the local church as plan A for His disciple-making redemptive mission, Liz and I have made provision for a significant portion of our estate giving to be directed to Christ Community. I share this with you not in any way to pat ourselves on the back or to be self-serving. My heart in this matter is to encourage you to take seriously the importance of end of life planning in all its dimensions and to prayerfully consider including Christ Community in your estate planning. In the past, Christ Community’s mission has been catapulted forward by estate gifts. A great opportunity awaits you in playing a strategic part in expanding Christ Community’s multiplication mission in the years ahead. 

Christ Community will be offering a variety of opportunities to resource you in your end of life planning. If you have questions or would like to visit confidentially with me about your end of life planning, please EMAIL ME. I would very much enjoy having a conversation with you. With the fresh breezes of eternity blowing in our hearts, let’s with joyful hopefulness plan well, leaving a legacy of wise stewardship behind us.

 Our mission is to be a caring family of multiplying disciples influencing our community and world for Jesus Christ. 





Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

Senior Pastor

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