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At our December 2018 Congregational Meeting, Christ Community voted with great unity to purchase new, permanent homes for our Downtown and Shawnee Mission Campuses. There were more than 350 votes cast with 99% in favor of the motion to purchase. We’re excited for the ways these new spaces will enable us to move forward in our mission to reach Kansas City with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Downtown Campus – Gabe Coyle

Shawnee Mission Campus – Tim Spanburg

Reaching Out

We have a heart to reach the entire Kansas City metro area

Better Together

We are better together as one church in multiple locations

Campus Needs

Each campus has unique needs as we Reach:KC

So reach out and welcome one another to God’s glory.

~ Romans 15:7a (The Message)

Frequently Asked Questions

Downtown Property

After a multi-month facility search in Downtown’s Crossroads Arts District, we are pleased to be in contract for the facility located at 208 West 19th Street. This facility has 14,000 square feet on its first level, and 6,000 square feet on its second level. It’s located nearby popular art galleries and restaurants, has good visibility from neighboring streets, and would provide ample worship, children’s, and outreach space for our Downtown Campus.

Shawnee Mission Property

Located between I-35 and I-435 along Shawnee Mission Parkway, this 26,887 square foot space has high visibility and easy accessibility, in an area that is in particular need of a gospel-centered church. This warehouse-style space at 13328 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Shawnee, KS, provides for the immediate needs of our Shawnee Campus, while allowing room for future growth and reconfiguration.

Why are we making two purchases at once?

In November 2015, a group of leaders from across our campuses reviewed growth rates at each campus and laid out a long-term capital expansion plan. At that time, the team determined Olathe had immediate need for increased space, which led to our expansion of the Olathe Campus through our Reach:KC initiative. The team also determined that finding a home for our Shawnee Mission Campus was our second highest capital expansion priority, while finding a space for our rapidly growing Downtown Campus was our third priority. Initially, our plan was to find a piece of land to buy and hold until a build could commence for our Shawnee Mission Campus. As the Reach:KC initiative commenced in 2016, the search for land in the Shawnee Mission target area began. Many, many parcels were viewed. In late 2017, exploration of Downtown spaces also began.

In 2018, we identified both of these facilities as ideal and economical homes for our Shawnee Mission and Downtown Campuses. Because these facilities came on the market at the same time, and came to our attention at the same time, we began to explore the possibility of making simultaneous purchases. After much due diligence and prayer, we concluded that this course of action made sense from a missional and budgetary standpoint.

Why now?

In both Shawnee and Downtown, the inventory of available properties is not large, and demand is high. After an almost four-year search for a permanent home for our Shawnee Mission Campus and a year-long search Downtown, we believe that both of these properties are ideal and fairly priced. This has led us to move quickly with diligence to explore the purchase of each space.

Are these good prices for the two properties?

Those familiar with commercial real estate indicate we have agreed upon equitable prices for both locations. At $2.3 million, the Downtown Campus location will cost $115 per square foot, which is below average in its neighborhood. At $1.5 million,  the Shawnee Campus location will cost $56 per square foot, which is fair for its size and location.

It should also be noted that this purchase price for the Shawnee building is relatively close to what we had planned to spend for only land for that location. This represents a tremendous savings.

After extensive research and price comparison, we are convinced that we are obtaining both buildings at fair prices, leveraging our resources for maximum impact.

Did you consider leasing rather than buying the buildings?

Yes. Although leasing is not an option for the Downtown property, it was a possibility at the Shawnee property. However, after assessing several leasing scenarios, we concluded that purchasing was a far better financial option in this situation.

This seems like a lot of money. How will we pay for this?

We have a multi-pronged plan that enables us to proceed with these purchases without significant impact on our current fiscal year budget. First, we have identified a few vacant staff positions that have not been filled. Moving forward, we will proceed slowly in filling those roles, moving those unspent payroll dollars toward this capital expansion endeavor. Second, our health care cost increase for fiscal 2019 was less than was budgeted, and we will apply those savings to this project as well. Third, we will continue to update our church family on the money needed to move forward in these expansion projects and are praying for increased giving on a month-to-month basis. As in all things, we rely on our generous God and our generous congregation to carry out our shared mission. Finally, we have arranged for debt financing for the remainder.


What is the anticipated timeline? When could we move in?

It’s hard to give exact projections at this point. From previous experience we know that contract negotiations, due diligence, environmental assessments, design, securing contractors, and construction of tenant improvements can last for many months. However, we’re hopeful that both the Downtown Campus and Shawnee Campus could be worshiping in their new homes in the latter half of 2019.

What tenant improvements are required?

The Shawnee property is an empty structure and will need work. It has existing HVAC, but any internal structures will need to be completed prior to occupancy. The Downtown space will require minimal work on the first floor and even less on the second floor. The building has had recent upgrades. However, restroom updates to meet standards for a public gathering space as well as ADA updates will be necessary.

I attend at Leawood, Brookside, or Olathe. Why should I support a project in Shawnee or Downtown?

We are one church in multiple locations, and an investment in any of our campuses is an investment in the shared mission of Christ Community. From the very beginning, we have had a heart to reach all of Kansas City, and we believe we are best positioned to do this when we work together.

How can I contribute to these projects?

Financial resources are necessary for us to move forward with these projects. We’d invite everyone to carefully consider their personal budget, and prayerfully determine how they might give above and beyond their regular giving to move these projects forward. Any contributions you might like to make to these projects can be designated “Reach:KC.” You can write “Reach:KC” in the memo of a check, or indicate it as you give online at

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