an experiment in art and ideas

The Four Chapter Gallery is a collaboration between Christ Community and The Culture House that seeks to re-examine the relationship between art and ideas, reality and fantasy, beauty and deception, individuality and community.

Now Showing:

March 2017 – Laura Rendlen

Laura Rendlen’s aesthetic and style for mosaic art is representational. She creates environments that capture the essence of a place. Through vivid color and soft expression she conveys the intangibles in nature, particularly wind, light and movement.

Laura Rendlen earned her BFA in Sculpture from Kansas City Art Institute and spent 25 years as a scenic painter. Laura has been published in several books, blogs and magazines including Mosaic Fine Art Portraits and Mosaic Art Now magazine. She has also been included five times in the
Mosaic Arts International exhibitions, and in 2012 she received the prestigious MAI Jurors’ Choice award.

Exhibits & Programs:

Four Chapter Gallery Juried Competitions

The Four Chapter Gallery is excited to host a series of a concept-based exhibitions that will explore contrasting and complementing ideas.   

Artists are asked to submit original work to be presented during these exhibitions.  Work does not need to be complete upon submission; however, all work submitted must be able to be completed at least one week prior to the exhibition’s opening.  

Three artists will be selected for these themed exhibitions – one at the $1,000 level, one at the $750 level, and one at the $250 level.  The artists will work together with Four Chapter Gallery staff to prepare the exhibition. All work will be displayed in the Four Chapter Gallery for two months.  

Artwork may be sold. All sales will be managed by Four Chapter Gallery staff.

Upcoming Shows:

March 2017 – Laura Rendlen / Mosaic Artist

April 2017- Kids Art Show

School of Visual Art Culture House

May 2017–   Kansas City Art Institute / Graduating Student Show

June/July 2017 – Reclaim

Reclaim examines different aspects of the world via diverse media, but all works cohesively claim Christ’s reclamation of our lives and world. Some artists delve into personal journeys while others address the Christian community, calling for action, calling for changes in perception. Additionally, a few members rework traditional icons, utilizing new forms of visual language, thus making biblical stories and themes more accessible to a contemporary audience. However, some also make connections to the reclaiming process taking place in the natural world. Christos artists are comfortable in paradox, and they work beautifully toward developing audience understanding of what it means when we say “on earth as it is in heaven.”

According to Carl Raschke, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Denver and internationally known author as well as arts promoter, “Reclaim reactivates in a new and powerful way the original impulses of modern art, the revelation of the spiritual—in this case the mystery of the Christ event itself—as a whole new way of seeing.”


Christos Collective is an international artists and scholars community that empowers contemporary Christian visual art to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of a Christian worldview.

Christos Collective

August/September 2017-  Banal Magic: Latin American Artists Transmute the Ordinary 

Taking the day-to-day stuff of life as a point of departure, these artists reflect on lived experiences through paint, ink, bronze, and dust as a means of communicating truths about themselves and their identities as Latins living in America.


Miami / Kansas City Cuban Art Exchange
Curated by: Caroline Colby

Previous Shows Archive:

My Iron Heart / ARTIST: Kelly Kruse Hyatt
January Exhibit 2017


This body of mixed-media paintings responds to the nineteen Holy Sonnets by the English poet John Donne. Donne was born into a Catholic family who lived in a time of religious tumult in post-Reformation England, when Catholics were still being cruelly persecuted. Catholics living in England during Donne’s lifetime were still being executed for high treason, imprisoned for harboring priests, and at the very least, at an extreme social and political disadvantage. Descended from a line of proud Catholic martyrs (he was the great nephew of Thomas More), Donne’s devotion to his Catholic faith ultimately resulted in great social and career-related hardships throughout his early life.

February 2017 – Renaissance 12:21 

An invitational art show, curated by Ollisha Pamplin, with a series of performances and discussions celebrating the strengths and legacy of African American culture. Artists of all nationalities will be incorporated to contribute to the conversation, encouraging the greater community to embrace the African American story as an integral thread in the American tapestry, as well as inspire the current generations of African Americans toward progressive aspirations.

Olli Pamplin, a graduate of Boston University with a degree in art history with an emphasis in African American art, will be curating the show.