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For most, life declines into dullness; we become like everyone around us. We want to be ourselves, unique and different, but instead we slide into the grain of what everyone else is doing. Jeremiah also had the choice to live like everyone else or live the life God called him to. The only problem is that God called him, and calls us, to a life we have no chance of living.

Why would God give anyone a life that is too hard or too big to accomplish? Because we were never meant to live life in our own strength. We were never meant to live like everyone else. We were always meant to live for God, who always calls us to a life that is too big for us.

Jeremiah lived that life. A life he could never have lived on his own. Jeremiah had radical faith in God, so He lived like no one else.

How do we live a life that is too big for us? Journey together with us through the book of Jeremiah.


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