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Your life is a story. It’s a cheesy line, but it’s true. It is why we watch so many movies, binge watch shows on Netflix, listen to podcasts telling the stories of people we have never met. Human life is a story, and we are living it.

So, what story are you living? Every day we answer that question. We make decisions every day, some small and some life-altering, that show the story we believe we are living. We have assumptions, things we believe to be true that lead us to make the decisions we make. Those assumptions are why you are in your current job. Why you have not gotten married, or did. The story you think you are living explains why you have made the choices you have made – both the choices you would make again – and the ones that keep you up at night.

But have you ever stepped back, and asked, what story do I think I am living? Is it the best story? Is there a better story?



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